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because people said they wanted more posts...

well i don't have too much to say and i know i've posted this before but incase you haven't heard there is a myspace group for sleeping at last so you should all join that since everyone has a myspace these days


oh and the membership is private but that's because i just changed it because for some reason a bunch of girls with no clothes on decided to join the group and i checked it out and they weren't legit fans, just people trying to rack up the numbers on myspace so i got rid of them but no worries i'll let you join

AND incase you haven't already heard about this...
December 16th. 2005
Borders Books, IL
(Acoustic + Christmas Performance)

Address: 101 Rice Lake sq, - Wheaton, IL 60187
Age: All Ages
Doors: 8:00PM
Phone: (630) 871-9595
Tickets: FREE

see you there?
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