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simple query...

does anyone know how the shirts fit? i want to order the 'pink lyric' shirt, but i'm not sure how they fit.

ps - anyone see/hear from them lately and have any updates?

-- nicole
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they fit like normal adult t-shirts i would say like girls would usually get a youth large that kind of thing

last i talked to them they were just planning on doing some shows around home with the strings that played on the cd with them and i heard something about an acoustic christmas show in Chicago but i have no news on a new tour to replace the one they cancelled other than the Elgin show thats rescheduled for January but this of course means nothing if you dont live in Illinois lol

<3 Julie
wait, so the elgin show that's supposed to be on sunday is rescheduled for january?
yea so dont show up this sunday unless you wanna see cool hand luke haha i still am for lack of better things to do :)
i think i've seen cool hand luke once. did the ever do a show at Fishbowl Coffeehouse (Roselle UMC)? cause i know i've heard that name before, and not because of the movie.
that i dont know i havent really followed them and ive only heard a few of their songs, this is gonna be my first time seeing them live :)
oh alright then. sounds cool. if i had money, i would go.

wow. if they do an acoustic christmas show, i might have to fly out to chicago just for that. acoustic sleeping at last... WOW!

thanks for all the info!
i know! i was real excited because sal acoustic? i'd love to hear that so hopefully i wasn't lied to haha
oh and fyi that pink shirt isn't the same color as it shows online, it's really a LOT lighter, i was gonna get it until i actually saw it, i don't think it's as pretty but that's just me :)