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West Coast tour...

For those of you who didn't get the e~mail:
Hello there, we just finished up the first section of our fall tour,
we've had a lot of fun so far! Thank you so much to each of you that
came out and spent time with us!
Now, we're on to the next section, finally the west coast! It's been
nearly a year since our last visit out west, so needless to say, we're
really thrilled to be back! It's all coming up very quick here,
starting this weekend, even! Here's what we've got planned. We hope to
see you!

10/02 - Spokane, WA
10/03 - Seattle, WA
10/05 - Tuolumne (Near San Francisco), CA
10/06 - West Hollywood, CA
10/11 - Denver, CO
10/15 - Dallas, TX

PLEASE NOTE: We originally had a show planned at: Soma in San Diego,
CA for Oct. 8th, however we were unable to confirm this show. So, we
are working on planning another show elsewhere in San Diego for the
same date, Oct. 8th. If all works out for this show, we'll let you know
the details as soon as we can!
Also, we will adding more dates to this run very soon here, so we will
let you know ASAP through the trusty e-mail!

As usual, please check for updates and further info
on the shows. Thanks so much! See you soon!

With love, Sleeping At Last
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